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* These terms and conditions shall govern all customers for the supply of goods, and shall prevail over any contrary or inconsistent terms and conditions contained in or referred to in the customer's order, or in correspondence or elsewhere and all or any conditions or stipulations contrary or inconsistent to these terms and conditions are hereby excluded and of no force or effect.

* Quotations by the company shall not constitute offers by the company to supply the goods or carryout the work referred to therein, and no order placed in response to a quotation will be binding unless accepted by the company in writing. All such acceptances by the company are strictly subject to availability of goods ordered.

* The prices of goods shall be those agreed upon by the company and the customer at the date of the supply. Any prices quoted by the company for goods are provisional prices only and should there be fluctuation between the prices quoted and the prices pertaining at the date of supply. The prices pertaining at the date of supply shall be the prices payable by the customer for the goods.

* Ownership of and title to the goods supplied by the company to the customer shall remain in the company until such goods have been paid in full.

* The customer should ensure all goods loaded strictly conforms to the quantity of goods on the purchase order (P.O).

* The company shall not be liable for loss or damage to goods or materials in transit in the country or elsewhere.

* Goods shall not be returned after supply without the company's prior agreement in writing and in any such event, the customer must prove to the satisfaction of the company that the goods intended to be returned were in fact supplied by the company. When the company so agrees, the customer shall pay a re-stocking charge of 15% of the price of goods.

* Goods paid for, either supply or unsupplied, attract a penalty of 20% deduction on payment made. Should the need for refund arises.

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